Macrame Necklaces

Welcome 🙂
Please scroll down this page to see all the necklaces available for sale now. 
On the bottom of the page you can see all my sold out necklaces.
I invite you to have a look… sometimes I can make something that is already sold. Just ask! 🙂

Raven – The Keeper of secrets – micromacrame and brass necklace

Red Jasper & Carnelian – micromacrame necklace

Psychedelic Mandala necklace

Pi Munay Ki Rhodonite Stone – micromacrame shamanic necklace

Tribal Star – Natural Azurite Necklace.

Micromacrame settings.

Dendritic Opal healing neclace

Micromacrame settings.

Great Bear – The grounding force – with copper

Psychodelic Fractal Flower 

necklace for him or her

Blue Agate – removes negativity and cleanses the aura

Blue Diadem -Agate bead necklace/tiara

Flower of the Black Moon Necklace

Wolf – brings forth intelligence, loyalty and freedom – Brass necklace

Touch of elegance – with Blue Agate stone and apatite bead necklace.

Tiger Eye Healing Necklace. Earthy colors.

Location Kidsgrove, UK Hours open 8am-8pm
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