Namaste! Welcome!

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes a matter of opportunity.
– Hippocrates

Welcome to my magical place of healing through crystals, amulets and other accessories.

Please allow yourself to be lost in here in the variety of unique healing jewellery, spiritual accessories and shamanic tools.

Find your favourites and inspire your inner Gypsy and Wise Woman Soul, find your “helping hand” of stones on your spiritual path and make yourself shine!

​Every piece I make is crafted by hand; with crystals, raw or polished stones and other natural materials gathered from Mother Earth.

All materials used here are always ethically sourced and collected from the Earth. I am an animal lover, Earth-keeper and for me all life is sacred.

All products which are made from feathers, skin or other animal products are ethically sourced, taken from animals that’d already left this earth leaving their beautiful vehicles behind.

Most of the pieces of jewellery can be worn as talismans and amulets to protect you or help you in a very subtle way, and they are made to be stylish and feminine or wild and tribal. The choice is yours!

All stones and crystals are cleansed with special purification ritual, charged with Moon and Sun energy as well as Reiki. I’m a Reiki Master, Witch and Wild Woman myself so I use my knowledge when creating my jewellery.

I invite you to take a look around my online SHOP and PORTFOLIO and maybe you will find a unique creation just right for you.

Each of my pieces is one of a kind; each design is different but if you like something that is sold out please contact me. Sometimes I can remake items already sold out but not always…

Shine your light!


Location Kidsgrove, UK Hours open 8am-8pm
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