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The Path Of The Earth

The Earth ~ Source Of Healing & Creation, our Loving Mother and our final resting place.

Mother Earth is so generous supporting us unconditionally, providing to us the nutrition and the resources we do need to live. Nature brings so much beauty and abundance into our lives. We receive her healing benefits just by being in contact with her.

Connecting with the Earth literally brings us to life. It breathes us. It restores and rejuvenates our energy field. The frequency of Mother Earth is incredibly healing. It’s perfectly configured for optimal human beingness.

This is why my creations are always connected to The Earth. I use stones or other “earthy finds” like wood, shell, bones etc. All materials are cleansed and blessed during special shamanic rituals.
All are ethically sourced as well.
I will never harm my Beloved (Mother Earth).

As a Reiki Master I empower all crystals, metals and stones with Reiki
before sending them to you!

I invite you to take a look around my online collections and maybe you will find a unique creation just right for you.

Shine your light!

Location Kidsgrove, UK Hours open 8am-8pm
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